Car electronics diagnostics

diagnostyka samochodowa

Nowadays, in the era of increasingly innovative design solutions, more and more devices influence the correct operation of systems and the coordination of individual processes. Many faults result from incorrect operation of the electronic control system. Quick diagnosis of their causes directly affects the time, quality and cost of repair. Our service center has specialized equipment that allows us to carry out broadly understood “car diagnostics”. Please remember that good equipment is only the basis for drawing correct conclusions. To correctly interpret errors, people’s knowledge and experience is necessary.
Our service employs electronics specialists with many years of experience and extensive knowledge and skills.

Car electronics diagnostics.

Gradually, more and more new systems appeared in cars, which would be unthinkable without the use of electronics. The development was driven by the growing requirements of ecology, driving comfort (e.g. air conditioning and navigation controls) and safety (e.g. anti-lock braking system ABS, airbags). Car electronics is now a separate field of car repairs.

We perform:

  • car electronics diagnostics,
  • driver repair,
  • adaptation of automatic gearbox controllers,
  • repair of mechatronics in automatic transmissions,
  • repair of electrical installations,
  • battery replacement
  • diagnostics, repair of the Ad-blue system,
  • exhaust gas recirculation system diagnostics: dpf, FAP, Ad-blue, egr,
  • repairs of systems that improve driving safety: radar sensors, parking assist system, active cruise control, Night Vision Assistant and many others.
  • Webasto repair.
  • calibration of radars and cameras

Naprawa wysuwanego ekranu w Audi – MMI.

Car diagnostics – electronics – electrics.