Hybrid cars

Hybrid and electric cars are currently a huge trend towards which the automotive market is heading. Taking into account the increasing demand, we have expanded our offer to include hybrid car service.

Hybrid cars, apart from standard elements for every car, such as suspension, have many systems and elements unique to these cars. Regardless of the type of activity performed, all persons performing repairs are required to have SEP qualifications up to 1 kV. In order to properly and safely repair hybrid and electric cars, our employees have undergone training and obtained authorizations.

Apart from, of course, SEP qualifications, which a mechanic who performs even such a simple task as replacing brake pads, requires specialized knowledge and skills. Our employees have completed training in the field of diagnosing and repairing hybrid cars. We have the necessary experience and appropriate equipment. As you can see below, we bought the first one in 2015.


Hybrid car service – air conditioning.

One of the elements that requires additional skills than in cars with only an internal combustion engine is air conditioning. The refrigerant used in these cars is: HFO-1234yf (more information) It is used more and more often, not only in hybrid and electric cars. Due to its properties, devices dedicated to this factor and knowledge about the operation of the air conditioning system with HFO 1234yf are necessary. Our staff has completed the necessary training and has experience in this field.

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