The condition of the mechanical components in your cars has a huge impact on safety and driving comfort. Correctly diagnosed mechanical faults, assessment and qualification of worn elements according to specific standards for replacement, and repairs carried out in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines are a guarantee of failure-free operation of your cars.

We offer original parts and good quality substitutes to the customers of the “Morela” car service.

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  • oil change in automatic transmission
  • axle shaft regeneration,
  • regeneration of the steering gear (steering gear),
  • regeneration of collectors for 3.0 TDI Audi!!!,
  • engine overhaul (petrol, diesel),
  • timing replacement: timing belt, timing chain,
  • gearbox repair,
  • clutch replacement, dual mass flywheel replacement,
  • engine cooling system repair,
  • air charging system repair,
  • turbocharger regeneration, turbocharger replacement,
  • repairs of steering systems,
  • brake system repairs: replacement of brake pads, replacement of brake discs, brake calipers …..,
  • oil change, filter replacement,
  • repair of the fuel system: injectors, unit injectors, common rail, fuel pumps…..,
  • all repairs in the suspension system: replacement of wishbones, replacement of engine mounts, replacement of shock absorbers ……,
  • repair of engine heating systems (Webasto).
  • DPF filter regeneration
  • exhaust gas recirculation system repairs: egr, dpf, fap, Ad-blue,
  • checking the car before purchasing,
  • cleaning of intake valves and intake channels.

If a given service is not listed above, it does not mean that we do not provide it.