Warranty repairs

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It is the fourth year since the introduction of the European Commission regulation, popularly known as GVO, which allows for warranty repairs and car servicing outside the dealership network without losing the warranty.
The current EU Commission regulation prohibits making the validity of the warranty dependent on whether the purchaser of a given vehicle carries out repairs and inspections in an authorized repair network. It is worth remembering that the dealer cannot force the owner of the vehicle to have it serviced at an authorized dealership.

What should you pay attention to so as not to lose the warranty?

However, the manufacturer may offer extended warranty packages or other insurances which, under special conditions, include a clause requiring servicing at an authorized dealer. Leasing companies, especially those linked to car manufacturing companies, act similarly. This action is fully legal, so it is worth reading the documents you are signing carefully.

Before going to a car repair shop that is not part of the authorized network of a given manufacturer, it is worth checking whether the workshop has the appropriate equipment and the repair procedures and technology are consistent with those used in authorized service centers. If an independent service meets these conditions, we will not lose the warranty.

When visiting an independent car service, it is worth making sure that the vehicle’s service book contains appropriate entries, which will be confirmed by the receipts.

Part catalog numbers and specifications of the replaced fluids will also be an important element of the entire documentation. Completing all documentation related to servicing the car outside the dealership network is important because if the authorized service center refuses to repair the vehicle under warranty, you should immediately request that the decision and arguments be presented in writing.
When choosing a workshop, make sure that it uses spare parts approved by the manufacturer. It is extremely important not to void your warranty.

Finally, it is worth remembering that we can perform out-of-warranty repairs outside the dealership network, but free warranty repairs must be performed in the network of authorized car services.

Our service is able to fully carry out repairs in accordance with the guidelines contained in the ASO documentation. We only use parts that comply with manufacturer standards.
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