Car inspections

przegląd okresowy aut

Most car owners treat car inspection as a luxury. You should remember about the inspection as long as the warranty conditions require it. Then it’s just throwing away money, they say.

Meanwhile, all experts think differently:

More is lost on repairing breakdowns caused by neglecting periodic car inspections than you save by avoiding them!

Carrying out periodic inspections and maintenance is a guarantee of proper functioning of the car. The list of car elements that need to be checked is long, and a thoroughly performed inspection gives a good picture of the vehicle’s technical condition. This also allows us to minimize the occurrence of a sudden failure.

What we offer.
  • In our service, car inspection is not only based on changing the oil and filters. During each inspection, we carefully check: the condition of the suspension, braking system, fluid level, condition of the battery and engine-related components. Computer diagnostics are performed each time during a periodic inspection.
  • The history of all repairs remains in our system. The car owner has access to it at any time.
  • Additionally, during each inspection, we verify whether any additional activities need to be performed, such as: replacing the timing belt, changing the oil in the automatic transmission or inspecting the air conditioning.
Questions often asked: How often should periodic inspections and oil changes be carried out?

Each car manufacturer has its own recommendations. Please note that these are minimum requirements. Our many years of observations show that cars with periodic inspection including oil and filter replacement are much less prone to failure after a maximum mileage of 15,000 or once a year.

Periodic car inspection means savings and safety – it’s worth remembering.